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I'm getting ready to file a TSGLI claim and would LOVE some help. My situation: I was in a dirt bike acident and had to have three surgries to save leg from amputation due to acute compartment syndrome. And loss of 4 adls for over 50 days and still on going. Im still on convo leave. So due to limb salvage thats 50,000 and loss of adls is 25,000 every 30 days so I'm sitting at 75,000 right now that I am entitled to that I QUALIFY FOR. But I'm so scared to death reading everyone's horr stories about the tsgli office pretty much just told them to f off. Even tho medical documented forms prove there statements ect. I'm so scared to submit my claim I have all my med docks my doc filled out part be and signed it all filled out have all my docs from my surgeys my physical therapy and my loss of adls my doc wrote. I even have a leter from my xo and my doc stating no alcohol was involved and exactly what happened. I'm just so scared and need help of filing this claim. I rate and qualify cor the money but weather the tsgli office gives it to me........ that's another story. All.the research I been doing everyone that qualified and the tsgli office pretty much told them to eff off. My wife quit her job to take care of me my truck is about to gEt repoed I have two kids and one on the way I can't even take my kids to the park can't play with them can't dres them I can't even early get off the couch I depend on my wife for everything now I wear depends and she has to get in out of bath n hold my leg up n wash me in and out of bed dress me. My leg Is numb and Doset work Its immoble they cut all my tendons and took out a lot of muscle and cut dead nerves and tissue and removes blood clots to save my leg. So I do qualify for the limb salvage and loss of adls but I'm sacred they won't give it to me. I'm a Sgt in the marine corps almost 6 years in afghan and meu. I will be separated medically for.this. plz help and any advice would be greatly appreciated thankyou

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sorry to hear about your situation, from what i see from what you wrote you shouldnt have any issues filing your TSGLI claim..me myself i have filed a TSGLI claim for loss of adl and was awarded so it isnt as bad as you think, never go off somebody else's story because everybody case is different

Aslong as you have medical documents proving that you had the loss adl then you should be fine, and im not talking bout a doc stating you couldnt do this or that, you need detailed nurse notes or occupational therapy evaluations recorded with accurate dates showing 30 day 60 day 90 day etc

And if u qualify for limb salvage and adl loss they wont pay for both they will only pay you for either the limb salvage or the adl loss

The whole process can take a while so when you file give it about 2 months before you receive payment if approved
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