Ulcerative Colitis and Secondary Affects


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Hello everyone! So I just went through IPEB portion and was rated 100% through the VA, but 10% for the AF. My UC/PSC was rated at 10% and I plan on getting my doctor to assist me in the VA reconsideration, but want to go through the FPEB portion as well.

I was also diagnosed with enteropathic arthritis, aka IBD associated Arthropathy aka shitty joints... Anyhow, i am taking remicade/imuran for my UC, and that is was is the driving force for my MEB. The medications i should be taking for my arthritis is Remicade as well. With all that being said, I want to argue that all my arthritic VA rated joints be lumped into my AF rating. My logic behind this is that If i didnt have UC and was on Remicade or any other immunosuppressive drug for my arthritis, I would have been considered unfit for duty and an MEB would get me out. So why couldn't both of them add up? Is this a good arguement to bring to the formal board? Thoughts?
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