Unable to do run/walk on PFT


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Hey everyone. I am new to this. I guess I will just write this out in hopes that someone can give me advice. I am Air Force Security Forces. While I was in Tech School, I injured my left knee. Initially they told me it was a meniscal tear and possible damage to my MCL. I then received an X-Ray that came back negative for anything and was referred to Physical Therapy. After I went through physical therapy, it didn't really help me much. I was deemed fit and went on the graduate. When I arrived at my first duty station, I was still experiencing pain. I went to medical and they put me on a self-paced profile. I was on a profile for my first 2 PT tests. During my time at my first duty station, I went to physical therapy twice and it did nothing for me. They ended up sending me in for an MRI which turned up with nothing. I then PCSed to my second duty station. I was sent TDY to a combatives instructor course where I injured it again. Again, they X-Rayed everything and it still showed nothing. I was referred to medical for a MRI again. When I met with the Doc, she told me that she believed I was fine and that my balance was just weak. She did not allow me to get another MRI done. I decided to see if she was right and I started to do a lot of stretching and balance exercises. it helped a slight bit but I still experience pain. I was able to complete a PT test and get over a 90 (I'm not one of those profile to avoid having to do anything people), but during the test I was in a lot of pain. Shortly after that I deployed. Since I have deployed I have not been running. I have done all of my cardio on the elliptical and on bikes. I have found that I only experience pain when I do impact exercises for long periods of time. I thought that since that was the case, I would try the walk and see if I was able to do that with no pain. It was almost as bad as the run. I am 100% able to do my job and everything it entails. I just have issues with continuous impact stuff. My balance is great, I am physically capable of performing duties, and I excel in my job. I am terrified to get med boarded. I love what I do and love the military. I want to do everything in my power to stay in. I have been in for 3 years and have a line number for SSgt. I do not want to lose my line number or my career over this. If I get on another profile for a PFT, will I get put up for a Med Board? I can't even get a diagnosis on what is wrong with my knee. What are my options? I will fight a Med Board to the ends of the Earth. I truly want to stay in. Does anyone know anything that can help me. Anything at all...? I need help. I'm terrified to lose my career.
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