Unseen Consult Added to MEB files After I Signd AF Form 618


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I’m looking for some advice. I am in the Air Force. In early February, I received the results of my MEB. I had the opportunity to review the file and sign AF Form 618. I did not request an impartial review because I agreed with the information presented. Toward the end of the month, I found out an addendum mental health consult had been added to my MEB file. It was added 6 days after I signed the 618 and forwarded to the IPEB two days later. This is a violation of AFI 42-210. Had I reviewed the document prior to signing the 618, I would have requested an impartial review. The results of the IPEB were not what I was expecting. I believe this addendum played a huge role as it was quoted in the IPEB findings. I plan to request a formal PEB.

Any recommendation on recourse? Can I request an impartial review now? If I wanted to file a complaint against the PEBLO for violating the AFI, where would I send it? Thanks for any advice.
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