UPDATE: Received findings back on Monday


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This is an update to my previous post found here.

TL;DR: I was put on a MEDBOARD by my orthopedic surgeon on 11 July, 2018 after a failed labral repair surgery of my right hip.

I received my finding back from the VA and PEB on Monday 28 January. I was found unfit for duty. The DoD is rating me at 10% with a severance. And the VA has rated me at 50%. I am going tomorrow to speak with my PEBLO. She wants me to appeal these findings, however I am done waiting, and have a couple of serious Cyber Security job offers waiting for me on the outside. A couple of questions:

1. Would it be wiser to appeal this now, or wait until I am out and get an organization to fight this for me, ie. WWP, American Legion, etc.?

2. What is the 10% from the DoD? How does that differ from 30%, 80%, or even 100%.

3. Now that everything is back from the PEB, how long until I receive a new EAS? I called my battalion's Adjutant, and she said that my EAS was still set for 2021 (I reenlisted in 2017).

Thanks in advance for any answers! Semper Fi!


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Getting justice later will be much harder than appealing now, but you have to weigh the risk/ benefits yourself. You lose TriCare at 0, 10 of 20%; which would become a second payer of medical bills if you land one of those job. A new EAS takes a month roughly.
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