Update...sleep studies scheuled


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So I had my initial consult with my Sleep doctor and he told me something interesting. In his opinion after reviewing the sleep study I had in 2011 I should have been placed on a CPAP at that time. Should have known that the Senior Chief reviewing my results probably didn't know enough to make a good judgement. Have two sleep studies scheduled now. I guess the first is to see where I stand now an the second will likely be to test out the CPAP for needed pressure levels. Not sure. Either way its a real pisser to know the Navy didn't see it as a problem. Started a new case with the VA about 3 weeks ago. Hopefully I will have results from these sleep studies to submit prior to their actually takin action on it. May 23 and 31 are my scheduled studies. We will see how it goes.

Turns out a lot of issues I am having can be traced to sleep apnea (diabetes, headaches, forgetfullness, concentration issues, etc).
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