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I have updated the terms of use of this site to specifically prevent the government (and individuals acting on behalf of the government, or those individuals who copy or cite to forum posts) from using information posted on this site in individual's cases:

Here are the general terms (which everyone accessing the site agrees to):

Here are the specific terms:

It is a specific violation of the terms of use and grant of access to this site for government officials to access this site for investigation, use, copying, or otherwise citing of any posts by site members for use in any administrative or judicial proceeding. Any use of information or posted materials on this site by the government is an infringement of Copyright rights owned by the site, and a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by rendering such access or use of site materials in violation of the these terms and rules and makes any access of this site "unauthorized". Any government official who accesses this site does so in an official capacity. If a government official accesses this site under a personal account and uses such account to provide any military or government official or board with information posted on this site, it is a violation of the Privacy Act and constitutes a "unauthorized access" to this site under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. There may be criminal and civil liability for improper and unauthorized access to this site by government officials. Use of this site and accessing, copying,or otherwise referencing posts on this site in individual's government records without explicit permission from the Site owner will result in an agreed upon payment due from the government (in cases where the actor is a government agent) or the individual of at least $100,000 per instance."

If any member posts on this site and their information is used in a government action, I have established that the government and/or the individual has engaged in unauthorized access to this site and there are agreed upon payments of at least $100,000 for each instance of unauthorized access. This is aside from Copyright violations, which could result in additional damages.

If anyone has their information posted on this site in violation of the terms of use, please let me know.

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