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Jason Perry

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Hey, folks!

The forum was down for about an hour this afternoon while I was upgrading the forum software. We are now running the most current version of vBulletin, ver. 4.1.3.

I had held off on the upgrade because of numerous issues with the vbulletin platform. When they moved from ver. 3.x to 4.x, there were substantial changes to the underlying software. There were also a lot of bugs and upgrading had a tendency to break functions. Recently, however, I have gotten messages from folks saying they were having problems with various features. In looking to address these issues, I decided to upgrade to, 1) See if that fixed the problems people are having, and 2) Getting support is easier when you are running the most current version. So, I have upgraded.

I am seriously considering moving the PEB Forum to a new software platform. I will update folks on my decision and seek feedback from people on this decision. If I do change, it will be to XenForo (XenForo - Compelling Community Forum Software ).

If you have problems, comments, or questions, feel free to post!
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