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I greatly appreciate this website and I have been able to get a lot of information regarding process and some of the finer nuances. To start I have 14 yrs Active time and I am an O-4 select, but not exactly looking to depart the service early as I remain a competitive component and am quite capable of continuing physically ( i.e. above average fitreps, Personal awards received, PME complete for LtCol, MBA completed, Last CFT 300, etc.). I am concerned that the only reason why people will give would be "you could get shot." Which is as helpful as the "you'll shoot your eye out" warning from "A Christmas Story." Show me statistical evidence of MV-22 pilots in zone getting shot and now we have a risk assessment that we can work with. BTW according to the Navy Safety Center's statistics, this has never happened. So now the idea is that there could be a chance...well there is a chance that a meteor kills me, but at least this is predicated on persons being killed in the scenario and compared to world populations. Why is this ethereal data being discussed as if it exists? Don't get me wrong I understand the nature of my job, however, statistically, I am not involved in a capacity that has ever rendered this risk to anyone, so how is judgement able to be placed on someone without precedence? I digress:

The items that I have been aeromedically downed for are the following:

a. Sleep apnea, unspecified (G4730) (disqualified).
b. Other venous embolism and thrombosis (I82) DVT (disqualified).
c. Protein deficiency anemia (D530) PROTEIN S DEFICIENCY (disqualified).
d. Transient Alteration of Awareness (R404) (previously waived).

My doctor has stated that I am only being referred to PEB for "Protein S Deficiency and anticoagulants." (The anticoagulant is Eliquis/Apixapan, not Coumadin/Warfarin).

I have a few questions:

  1. How is it possible that I am downed for flying for the above but only being referred to the PEB for Protein S Deficiency and anticoagulant therapy?
  2. If I have been downed via a proper BUMED letter giving the above reasons for why I can no longer participate in my current MOS/Rate, then why would I not be referred to the aforementioned conditions entirely? Or will the PEB determine this? In otherwords, if I am found unfit for duty, am I completely hosed for claiming CPAP use towards medical retirement?
  3. If all conditions are in fact dealt with during the VA C&P, do these get acknowledged and addressed towards medical retirement or only for VA rating reasons?
  4. If I have mild sleep apnea but have been issued a CPAP machine, do I rate medical retirement if it is included with all of the other issues stated above.
  5. Do I have a fighting chance at being retained in the force? I still meet deployability requirements outlined in DODinstruction6490.07.

I may be myopically focused on the fact that these are all the reasons that I have not been issued a flight waiver, so I may be just desperately trying to think through what the conclusion will be in this case. I have been down since April 2017 and have gone through an incredibly lengthy process to achieve a flight waiver, then I received word last week that they were unable to address the waiver since I had not been put through a PEB yet. It seems that due largely to gross negligence I have had considerable time wasted in an effort to start back at the beginning again. Any help is greatly appreciated in this matter. I do not want to have my career ended prematurely in any regard, however, at the same token, if I am disabled enough to not be able to be retained in the force, how, after 14 years (17 toward spay) would I not rate a medical retirement of 30% or more?

It seems as though there is a possibility that I will have to lawyer up on this. I greatly appreciate any responses and help on the matter that can be offered. I am trying not to panic, however, I have a strong feeling that I may not end my career with the USMC in a positive fashion. While severance is better than nothing, I was in the USMC for the long game.

Semper Fi,



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I want to drop in and give a report of the results of my PEB. After a long and seemingly arduous process I was found "Fit for duty" with zero limitations to speak of! This is most excellent news as I was also selected for promotion in December 2018 and subsequently promoted in April of 2019. I do not know if I will be able to continue on with my flight career, but, I will continue to pursue this battle, but not at the cost of the war. If not able to actually fly I intend to fly drones. For now I will continue on with my Air Officer tour, and see what the future holds. After a very solid statement for the Non-Medical Assessment, which I essentially wrote, and the CO made small additions, the PEB found exactly what I wanted them to find; that there was no reason why I shouldn't continue on within this awesome organization of ours. I am under the realization that there is a dichotomous nature of those on this forum, those who wish to depart the force with a percentage pertaining to their ailments, I believe the majority to be legitimate. The other side, are those, like me, who were very concerned about a potential early termination of my career. For those within the later group, I urge you to speak with your appointed legal counsel and take his advice, when you write your NMA, which I suggest (particularly if you happen to be an eloquent writer), and like many legal proceedings think about the concerns that doctors may have, and how you can sway the opinion of the personnel away from these potential issues. For instance, "yes I have Protein S Deficiency" and "yes I have to be on anticoagulants," but the anticoagulants that I am on are readily available in the military medical system and the statistical risk of hemorrhagic bleeding is minimal. Argue your worth to the military, and ensure they know why you are a candidate that should remain in the force for the long term. You are less likely to be disappointed with the result. While accomplishing everything that you can, pray. Continue to pray, there is an all powerful God that has a plan for you, and if you do not get your way accept that a different door is about to open for you and be excited for the future. It is as bright as yo make it guaranteed. I hope that these words inspire, assist, or generally direct you in the correct manner and that your outcome is as positive as mine. I will continue to serve this great nation honorably and I will always remember the time when my career hung by a thread and the doctors resoundingly declared that I was a Marine officer to keep. Best wishes, God bless and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have, I will be more than happy to provide you with examples which helped me to be successful.

God Bless,

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