VA Becomes First Hospital System to Release Opioid Prescribing Rates


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Opioid abuse is rampant in medical "care." My concerns is that the baby will get thrown out with the bath water and those with acute needs will find themselves toughing it out. I personally avoid them.


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While opioids are the current "crisis", VA seems to be having a knee jerk reaction to them and others, such as Benzos.

I was asked several times by my psychiatrist about past meds that helped with insomnia. I told him each time that my best results were with 4 prescription meds, one of which was a low dose of Xanax. EAch time he would stop the conversation and give me a lecture on the dangers of benzos and why he would never prescribe them.

I got tired of it and scolded him back telling him I never asked him for benzos. I was simply answering his question as to what meds have helped me sleep in the past.

It seems there is a certain agenda with VA and certain meds. It's irritating because injust want help and I don't really give a damn about the name or class of the drug... I just want something that works!


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So their stance is to not prescribe anything? It's an interrogation every time you say you're in pain/need? This is what concerns me. I've seen buddies so overmedicated it was scary, then other friends so under medicated it was alarming. I fortunately live in a state where CBD's are legal. I don't think it's ethical to evaluate a humans anxiety levels. Everyone has different breaking points. I believe a doctor and a patient should work to find the dose that is comfortable for normal function. This stubbornness, IMO, leads to abuse of street drugs. Hang in there man. Switch providers, talk to higher ups. Do what you have to.


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They eventually caved and prescribed seroquel, lunesta, trazadone. This was only after I went through 3 days of zero sleep and was extremely suicidal. I told him point blank that I would not continue living without sleep. I told him every person on this earth deserves to sleep and that if he didn't do something to help I would probably end up hanging myself outside the mental health clinic In one of their big beautiful oak trees... he had the choice of helping me, or seeing me swinging from the branches. He tried to "quit my case" but I didn't let him off that easy. I asked him how the how the hell he would feel if he went without any sleep for days and weeks at a time? Wouldn't he feel distressed too? And why did he deserve sleep in his bed every night while I did not?

Not my finest hour but sometimes you have to grab the damn doctor by his lapels and shake the shit out of him and demand some kind of results!!!
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