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In 2013 I went through the MEB/IDES process for PTSD while I was on Active duty in the Army. My process began in May of 2013 and ended in Jan of 2014 (faster than most), by July 8th I had received my findings back from the MEB and by July 10th everything was submitted to the PEB and VA for ratings. While waiting for ratings I was hospitalized from July 25th-Aug 01 for attempted suicide and again from 11Aug-15aug for the same.
Long story short, my two hospitalizations were never considered for evaluation with my other medical records being that all of my paperwork had already been submitted for ratings. I know that in hindsight I should've appealed the decision once I received my ratings (50% DoD/ 50% VA) but I decided instead that I would do it once I got out.
I received my final paperwork from the VA in June of 2014 that had my official rating on it which was still 50%. I submitted my Notice of Disagreement(NOD) on March 25th of 2015 and stated that I felt I received the wrong rating for my PTSD and stated why I felt it should have been at least 70%.
It has now been over a year and I have not received any updates on my Appeal and ebenefits just states that the NOD has been received at that my case is with the originating VA office. I have also called the VA using their 1-800 number back in Feb of this year (2016) but the lady I spoke with said that someone is working on my case and that they have at least 375 days to do so.
Has anyone else gone through a situation like this and if so how long did your appeal take?
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