VA Rating During PEB


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Good morning all,

I couldn't seem to find if this had been discussed before. I am previously rated through the VA at 90% and am entering the PEB stage of my MEB. I am wondering if they will wait for my new (updated/more current) rating from the recent medical exams for the MEB process or if they will potentially use the rating I already have? I just signed my 3947 this morning and set it to my PEBLO to get the train moving again. I sat at the Medical Exam portion of the MEB for over 60 days and I am worried this portion of the MEB will hit yet another halt due to the VA. My last exams were all at the end of June (27th was the last one) and I am still in the evidence gathering stage for the increase claims and new claims for secondary condition and new claim for Insomnia.


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The IDES process is slow. It will take several more months, in all likelihood.
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