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Hi everyone,

I am currently on the stage of the IDES process and waiting on my DA-199. I talked with the MEB Attorney the Army let’s you see. He reassured me that I will be getting 100% VA and medically retire from Army. He didn’t give me a % but he said it will be over 30%. I had 1 SC disability that brought me to the IDES but after the MEB they it turned into 7 SC disability’s. My injuries is my back, neck, shoulder and eyes (because I had PRK and they cooked my eyeballs to long, and caused blind spots). The bad news is I am closing on a house back home and I was counting on the % the MEB attorney told me. I called the VA about the funding fee and to get the exemption fee on my COE. The VA rep said he had to look into it and said my ratings were closed on DEC 8, 2017 and it’s showing 60%. I told him that the MEB attorney said I was gonna be a 100%. He said that it could be 60 or a 100% (That doesn’t help me in trying to see what my budget will be) he did say he showed 50% sleep apnea (CPAP required) and 50% Severe Anxiety/Depression and I also have my back, neck and shoulder that he didn’t give me percentage for. So in short I have 31 disability’s that I am claiming from VA. My question is how accurate is the MEB attorney that the army provides to you to determine what percentage ratings you will receive? My other question is if I’m fact I do receive 60% from the VA, how hard is the process to request a appeal for an increase in ratings? I attached my screenshot from my AKO MEB/PEB dashboard. TIA any help is greatly appreciated.



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Well, 50% and 50% alone is 75%, which rounds up to 80%. 80% is greater than 60% so the VA may have given you inaccurae information over the phone.
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