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VA Re-Examination


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Hi All,

I recently was found unfit and have a medical retirement date of late August. My PEBLO said the TDRL office at my MTF will reach out to me in 1-1.5 years for a re-evaluation for the DoD rating, she mentioned from there the VA will decide P&T or not.

my question is: besides the MTF re-evaluation, does the VA do their own to determine if my VA rating needs to be adjusted? Or is my PEBLO correct?



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I retired January of this year, and i was told almost the same thing yesterday by my Wounded Warrior rep. She said .5 to 3 years though. I am supposed to be getting a re-eval from the va for mental health in June, however I never heard the results. My wounded warrior rep told me that if the VA did do the re eval, the TDRL office can use that and speed it up.