VA Re-opened claim with a EP930 Rating Control


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Hi Guys,

So I made some claims on existing claims for increase and new claims. I got my increase from 80% to 90%. Long story short, A month after my new rating of 90%, The VA re-opened my claims and my rep told me "I checked the VA system and it shows a 930-Rating Control for you. I looked it up and it says (No other end-product fits the issue-Correction of Error)." Can you guys help what this means? I am assuming that the rater messed up on my combined ratings because I think I should've gotten a 100%.


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I read the same material and inferred that there are multiple possible reasons for a 930.

“missed issues or prematurely cleared EPs - select one of the following claim labels
− Non-Rating Control
− Rating Control
− PMC - Non-Rating Control
− PMC - Rating Control, or
− PMC - DIC Rvw/Ref/Other”

I hope it as you assume.

Good luck,
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