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I just called PEB today and told me they submitted my package to the VA and called the VA after and was told they received my package on 23 July 2017. My question is how long do it take for the VA to do the ratings and comes back to the PEB and also with my package being sent to the VA does that mean that I was found unfit by the PEB? I am in the Washington dc area and I am in the navy.


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I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me guess the outcome. About a week ago I called the White House VA hotline. I explained to them that I currently have a Automobile Allowance claim in the system and no movement after a year and a half. They took the details and said I will hear something within 14 business days. Today I had a phone call from the assistant manager at that Regional Office manager. He wanted to let me know that my claim is being expedited and I will know something in 10 business days. So does anyone think it will be a denial or granted. I explained to him that I can give him more evidence and specifics from my doctor that have already been included. And he said to wait and see what if anything the rating officer might need. Thanks for the input

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I just went through exactly where you are at. I have heard that if it goes to the VA for ratings that means an finding of unfit. Mine spent almost a month with the VA for ratings. actually updated and said preparation notification. 2 days later my PEBLO called with my findings. I still havent received anything from the VA in the mail but she sent me the findings through email and I signed them.

Give it a month or so before even thinking about it. You are nearing the end.
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