VA to receive new Fisher Houses in Michigan, Colorado and Nebraska, which offer temporary lodging to Veterans' families and caregivers

Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that Fisher House Foundation plans to construct three new 16-suite Fisher Houses at VA campuses in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Aurora, Colorado; and Omaha, Nebraska that will provide temporary accommodations for the families and caregivers of Veterans and active duty military receiving care at the VA facilities.

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ALL- know veterans whom have stayed in Fisher Houses all around the globe and is apparently fantastic program and resource disabled vest and active-duty requiring lodging for medical situations.....

From above article would recommend the following links, for example only: Fisher House Foundation and Fisher House Program - VHA Social Work

However, I am curious as to why a Fisher House, is in fact not on the actual grounds of the HQ of the Gulf Coast VA part of VISN-16 in Biloxi, MS as opposed to on an adjacent US Military Base with a major MTF? Supposedly, disabled "vets" can stay here on the US Military bases "Fisher House" but with security measures imposed by 9-11, and continuing, it is supposedly somewhat problematic if disabled veterans not 100% disabled and have a valid US Military IS Card, and getting a referral from local Gulf Coast VA is supposedly also somewhat problematic....????

With, all the "approved" funding for new buildings-construction HQ Gulf Coast VA has, perhaps this is something that ought to be "evaluated" by appropriate US VA Leadership...perhaps, could be wrong, for as stated the Fisher House Program is supposedly beyond outstanding and great asset active duty as well as disabled veterans and their families....????

ALL- thanks...and think this a great post, as do not know if many actually know about the Fisher House Program and what an asset it can be to active duty as well as disabled veterans and their families or "caregivers"!

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