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I was Medically Retired from the Army after serving 28 yrs 4 months and 28 days, I received a 100% Disability rating from the VA. My retirement date was 28 August 2013. I receive a DoD retirement check (CRDP) and Service Connected Disability Compensation from the VA. DFAS has been deducting a VA Waiver monetary amount since 2013. I really do not understand why, and numerous retirees have been telling me that it shouldn't be so. I thought that I had a n understanding of this, but apparently this is not the case. Can someone please explain CRDP vs CRSC and the VA Waiver. I was told by my VA representative when I initially was Medically Retired that I do not need to file for CRSC because I am already at the 100% VA disability Rating.


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Apparently, you have received erroneous info from at least one source, maybe more. The retirees who advised you should not have a waiver deduction quite likely do not have a medical retirement.

You received a medical retirement (Chapter 61) and also qualified for a longevity (regular) retirement.

The VA waiver you mentioned is due to receipt of VA comp. Fortunately, since you qualify for a longevity retirement, the DFAS gives back the portion of the waiver that is for longevity. That is CRDP which is retired pay by another name. CRDP cannot restore the waived portion of the retired pay that is for disability.

You might be eligible for CRSC which is nontaxable. It can replace waived retired pay for combat related disabilities, not to exceed the longevity portion of retirement pay. Like CRDP, CRSC cannot replace waived DOD disability portion of the retired pay.

One cannot receive CRDP and CRSC simultaneously. In some cases the CRSC is less than the CRDP.

The following link has CRSC material: Supplement to CRSC Information



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