VARR question


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I ended up with 20%/60% being med boarded due to hallux valgus of the left foot post two bunionectomy surgeries and osteopenia from disuse.


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Well bad news is that I waited for 6 weeks for them to tell me that my VARR was not approved. Good news is that I am moving along now. I did not have to sign a new 199 because I signed it when I submitted by VARR on the chance it was denied. I am guessing now I wait for transition to contact me and for my orders. Since my VARR notice came back yesterday, does that start my 90 days?
Your 90 days will start from when you hit transproc... so whenever you hear that you'll get with transition band figure out your last day in coordinaton with the NLT date. Sorry it didn't work out as planned... almost out though!
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