very confused about crsc


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let me lay it all out there, maybe someone knows.
I voluntarily left active in 10/2013 after 16yrs and went into the reserves. I started receiving VA compensation in Oct 2014. I was medically retired (reserves said that i was medically retired as active even though i was in the reserves) in 10/2017. I applied for CRSC in 11/2017 and was awarded it on 07/22/2018. My packet hit DFAS on 8/10/2018. they say it takes 30-60 days to process for retro.
so my questions:
1. When does the 30-60 days start? from the award date or the date the audit starts?
2. Will I be audited to when i left active, when i started getting va disability, or from my medical retirement date?

any advice would be welcome.


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Step 4: What happens next?

Once approved, DFAS will start the monthly payments 30 to 60 days after the approval letter is received from the branch of service. When appropriate, DFAS will make retroactive payments (due 30 days after the first monthly payment is made).

After the retiree is granted CRSC, future disability codes must also be approved. So, if the retiree receives any additional disability codes, rated by VA, a reconsideration form must be submitted to the branch of service (not to DFAS). Once received, the branch will determine if the new disability codes are combat-related.
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