Vocational rehabilitation part 2


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So I have another part to this called voc rehab that is asking for some basic information, but I have another area I would like advice on.

So when I get to my First voc rehab meeting I want to be a chiropractor as my first choice, but I have some up with two alternatives. So I'm wondering if I went into the meeting and the counselor said no to chiropractic college I would only accept M.E. or teaching career with a post secondary schooling. So I'm just asking for honest job prospects like what is a more obtainable goal that the counselor may accept.

I would LOVE M.E. as well because I love law enforcement work and I also enjoy the science of forensics. So why not put the two together and examine bodies and help out crime scenes. Oh a side note I really want to move and be employed in Iowa or any other state that isn't California


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Medical examiners, in the real world, almost never go to crime scenes. They send field agents. The medical examiner shows up the next morning to do her/his part. Unlike on TV, the cutting is usually done by an assistants, called dieners. MEs direct the process and observe and document normal and abnormal finding.


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So if I wanted to do more of the "fun" part of the cutting I would want to be the assistant? Does that still require medical school? And is it still law enforcement based?
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