What happens if you get cancer diagnosis during MEB proccess?


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I just got my ratings today VA-80% AF-50%, I haven't signed for one yet. I also just got back from my PCM because ive been having really bad pain around my kidneys as well as some other symptoms. My ETS hasn't been established yet but timeline is next 8-10 weeks. My PCM got me a CT appointment for Tuesday because he thinks that it very well may be a tumor on one or both of my kidneys. If this is the case I would be retained until the end of my treatment right? Would I lose my ratings and have to go back through the whole MEB process or do they just add on the cancer to my claim and my file goes back to the board? I know this is hypothetical until my results gets back but I like to plan for the worst. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm very sorry to hear about your new diagnosis. I would not sign. You are in an ackward position. Wait until you have results for Tuesday's procedure.

Please keep your PCM, PEBLO and chain informed of this new development. Also contact the VA rep you sat down with when you first entered the MEB process. I

Hoping for the best on Tuesday.
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