What is the current AFI/ANGI/DOD instruction used for INCAP eligibility?


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I am reading AFI 36-2910 dealing with INCAP eligibility for ARC members (Air National Guard) and want to make sure I am looking at the correct instruction used for these determinations. Is this the current Instruction?


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AFI 36-2910 doesn't not have an ANGI equivilent because the ANG is encompassed in the AFI. AFPD 36-29 - Military standards is the baseline on which 36-2910 attempts to implement. AFPD36-29 is based on the DODI 1241.01, which is based on Title 37 U.S. Code section 204.

There are several related AFIs, and DODIs that don't necessarily talk about INCAP but are applicable to the disability conversation. DODI 1332.38, AFI 48-123, AFI 36-3212

I know some of this got covered in your other post but I wanted to make sure you had all of the references needed.
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