What might i qualify for if discharged?


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I am an E-5 with 5yrs in and I desire to do 20 25yrs total however in 2007 I had a calcaneal osteotomy due to chronic ankle pain caused by flat feet and pronation (walking on the sides of the foot). This surgery required 6months of no walking and I was told normally would not be done for an E-4 with 2.5 yrs, fortunately I worked hard from the time I reported and my command supported the surgery. The surgery did not relieve the pain and pain still present after staple removal (this should have been done 6months post op) in 2009. In the past 2.5 months pain has been escalating and I have been avoiding seeking additional treatment for fear of discharge. I never received physical therapy.
Here is my question, if I am discharged would I qualify for disability VA, and what about from the CG? Also, from your experience, at what rating range might I wind up at. I also have sleep apnea.
Just for ref. this condition has left me barely able to jog, and unable to stand for long periods of time. The surgeon told me in 2007 that the condition would only progress and I would probably be using a walker in my 40s.
Any advice is much appreciated.
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