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What to expect


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It me again Margret! Hey fellas, what can I expect at my first VA hospital appointment after medical retirement? I have one on the 9th and one on the 20th,...I am wondering how many hoops will I have to jump through? Is it a total lube order or just an oil check? Do they redo everything the Army already did (like the fantastically popular EMG and nerve study)??? I don't mind the bend and squat game, but would prefer not to be run through the wringer just for the hell of it. Anyone been to the Saginaw VA hospital? Any good or bad comments on the facility/docs? Thanks!!


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Hey Shamus,

I am waiting on my letter to report for my exam, wish I could help you. But you are not to far from me, my VA hospital is Detroit.

I will be looking to see how your visit to the VA was so I know what to expect...

best of luck and I hope it goes well for you...:)


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I have a bunch of issues, though they only had like 4 appointments for me. Longest one was for 2 hours total (VNG).

All the appointment were short and to the point.