whats my medical entitlements


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Dec 9, 2013
I recently received my ratings. 20% army 70% VA. I want to know if i will be covered medically from the VA. Perscription wise im on Vicodin and Lorazapam. I recently asked my doctor if i could get a letter for a civilan doctor summerizing my medications so i dont have to explain my self prove injurys and come off like a junky. My Army Provider said i would be seeing a VA doctor for all my medications and such but no further information was provided and my peblo is really clueless. so basically will i been provided with a VA doctor for perscriptions following my discharge and if so how can i start the process and how long does it usually take from seperation date to see the VA provider... my spelling stinks i no thanks for all your time


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Dec 6, 2009
Look up Tricare TAMP. It usually entitles separating service members to 180 days of coverage. You should enroll yourself with the VA as well. You can enroll at more than one location.
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