When is the best time to apply for Voc Rehab?


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My spouse has a potential job in another state, and I would like to apply for schools in that state. Should I apply for Voc Rehab now, knowing that we will likely be moving within the next month? How long does it generally take to hear from the VA once you have applied? If I can work it out I'd like to return to school in the spring. That's cutting it close as far as application deadlines go. I heard you are more likely to be approved for Voc rehab if you have already been accepted to a program. Is there any merit to this? I am nervous that the Voc rehab counselor would only help me apply for programs in this state, not the state we ultimately plan on ending up. But I also don't want to wait so long that there would be no possible way to get approval and funding in time.
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