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Army Reservist here. So, back in July I was on the 5th day of a 45 day order when I got hit by a car while crossing the street (in the crosswalk), shattering the neck of the femur. I've got a nice titanium bracket in there holding things together. They left me on orders for the remainder of the time, plus an extra few days, but didn't transfer me to a WTU. So I had to kick in my civilian STD to cover the time until I could go back to my civilian job in October. So far, between TRICARE, USAA auto, and my civilian insurance, I've got the bills covered. I can finally walk with a cane and a permanent limp, but I'm out of the wheelchair, fortunately. Still some pain and some limits to range of motion. I can sit until it hurts, then stand till it hurts, and repeat, which sucks at work.

The LOD investigation has been completed, signed, and sent up to wherever they get sent. Did my PHA and I have a temporary profile until March that effectively says I can't do anything, which is pretty much the case. I submitted my medicals records to the VA with the help of the DAV a few days ago. I've got almost 17 good years in for retirement, but I'm not real optimistic about my ability to finish out 3 more at this point unless things improve a lot.

Is there anything I should do at this point, that I haven't done? Still trying to figure out the processes, both VA and DoD.
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