Where to send to BCNR


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On the latest DD-149 available it has an address for Navy/ Marines at 701 S. Courthouse Road, Suite 1001; Arlington, Va 22204. On the USMC website it asks you to send to:

Board for Corrections of Naval Records

Department of the Navy

Washington, DC 20370-5100

I sent a package off 2 days ago to Arlington and USPS wasn't able to deliver.

I spoke with a nice gentleman at (202) 685-6600 Naval Discharge he informs me that the 701 S. Courthouse address is correct. He provided me with phone numbers and said the best time to call is 7a.
I wasn’t able to get through any of the numbers. I called the post office and they inform me that the BCNR has a courier that picks up mail at an unspecified time and it seems my package was scanned as received after the courier had already picked up for the day. According to the lady I spoke with at the post office, it should be picked up today.

Assuming all this is true (and it sounds reasonable to me) then someone should tell the USMC that they are publishing incorrect/ confusing information on their official website…unless Marines get special priority by sending to a different address (?).

Does anyone know if this is the case?

Of course I'm waiting for email updates on the USPS tracking like a Hawk


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Strange they would publish a physical address vice a PO box is a courier is picking up the mail. Best wishes. Mike


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USPS tracking indicated that my package was picked up by agent (the courier) this morning.

That means that Arlington address is good. I don’t know what will happen if someone sends to the other address. I’ll see what I can discover.
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