Which commander will write my MEB letter?


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I am in the USAF in a detachment out of Hickam AB. I am stationed in Japan. My local commander is a GS and the LtCol commander in my chain of command is stationed in Hawaii. Will the GS Det Chief write my letter for my MEB or my commander in Hawaii whom I have met one time?


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Not sure on the particulars of your situation, but it's probably in your best interests to have the CO who knows most about your case (or alternatively, has met you more than once) write your recommendation.


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A few things to consider:

Who knows you best?

Who sees your work on a day to day basis?

Who knows the limitations you have and how they affect your

Who have you discussed this process with? Did they counsel you?

Who initiated this process?

What does your PEBLO say?

Make your choice based upon the answers to these questions.
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