Widows Disability Compensation


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This may have been answered, but I couldn't find it. We received my husband's 100% disability compensation letter in December of 2017 and they back dated the compensation to May of 2012. I know this sounds morbid (but we're in the middle of updating our financial planning and we have to answer these questions)...Given that according to the VA if something should happen to him within a certain frame,10 yrs?, the spouse receives nothing, but after they would receive ? %.
Does the VA back date this date to the May of 2012 date as well or is it the date of the award letter?
If it's the date of the award letter, this needs to be addressed in Congress and I'm talking to my Congressman immediately!


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It's from the date he was SC for which would be 2012 so you are six years into the 10 that is required to collect DIC benefits. Your financial planning should have a VGLI or an AAFMAA life insurance policy as well don't put all your eggs in one basket like some vets do.
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