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Will I be fit or Unfit? Hopeing to be unfit..

Will I be Fit or Unfit

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I submitted the claims to the VA on Jan2018. My claims where Major depression disorder and anxiety. My summary from my psycologists lists that I was hospitalized for suicide for a week, I was medevaced from japan from a major depression episode. My friend died on a ship wasnt mine but along with the fitzgerald same fleet, and a month later my sister commited suicide and hung her self. That was my mental breakdown. (but my doctor didnt put that part into the summary he put the reason I was put on LIMDU was because of my friend and seperation from my husband. .) My non medicial assessment my chief wrote was defineitly against staying in the navy and absoutley cant perform in my rate. (Im a gunners mate working on expolisives and guns on a ship also mentioned daily suicide idealation.. suicidal thoughts... Guns just saying not a good idea.. )But anyways The VA is already pending an approval, when I just submitted my paperwork A little over a month ago? And if its that fast will I be Fit for Full Duty???


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I cannot speak for your duty status, I just do not have enough knowledge on the subject. But please, please, please use the resources available to you regardless of the outcome of your fitness for duty. Never be afraid to seek help for any of what you talk about in your post.