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Will these issues get me to the 30% point??


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I have two major medical physical issues..

R Shoulder 3 Rotor Cuff Repairs, 2 labrum repairs, 2 clavical resections, 1 deltoid repair ,bicep tendon repair and surgical tenodesis. I have chronic pain at rest and I am unable to perform any function without pain (annotated by last surgeon, who stated that I will never be pain free). All procedures done in three different surgeries 2004, 2008 and 2009. For fear of being "boarded" I have not sought treatment since then except to see my PCM for a "Tens" unit to treat chronic pain in the shoulder. I do have a permanent profile for this problem.

The problem that is resulting in me being pushed to the MED process is Pelvic Organ Prolapse.
My first surgery for this was in 2009 performed by the Army. My 2nd surgery for this was Jan 2012 performed by a civilian specialist who has told me I will be restricted to lifting no more than 30 lbs for the rest of my life. She stated that there is no getting around this restriction as any straining will dramatically increase chances of repairs failing.

I have a whole list of other issues but these two are the only ones that interfere with me being a soldier. I also have a P2 for hearing loss.

My worry is that after 17 years (Active) in the Army that I will be given a handshake and thanks for your service. It is my understanding that one must reach a 30% rating to be retired. Based on anyone's experiences would these two issues get me to the 30% point?
Thank you