wondering if my conditions will cause me to be found unfit and med retired?

What will most likely come of my situation?

  • MEB'd but found fit to continue duty in current job

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  • MEB'd and coded out

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  • MEB'd but found fit to continue duty by cross-training

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  • MEB'd and medically retired

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  • Not even sent to the MEB

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I'm new on this forum and I just had a few questions, my PCM is talking to the DAWG about me right now and im wondering if i will be put through to a MEB and if i am will i be medically retired or what will they most likely do with me? just to start i have a hurt back and shoulders, impingement syndrome in my shoulders and my physical therapist says i probably have a bulging disc in my back but there is no MRI to back that up. i also have really bad migraines (2-3 per day) theyre fairly disabling and i got sent to a neurologist for them and he did a couple tests and found that i have seizure activity in my brain, although i have no history of seizures and even with the seizure activity i do not have convulsive seizures, it could be absence seizures where i just "zone out" for a few seconds every once in a while, and i am on anti-seizure medication and just hoping they dont get worse. i am also having a sleep study done soon to determine whether or not i have sleep apnea because my neurologist believes that i have it. I am active duty AF (and i do work on the flightline, i dont know if that is important or not) and just wondering if my PCM and the DAWG will send me up for an MEB and then what the probable outcome of that will be if they do? thank you!

1) no other injuries that come to mind right now, i am seeing physical therapy for about 3-4 months now for my shoulders and my back, and i saw physical therapy for a few months a little over a year ago for my back and one shoulder. i am having the sleep study for possible sleep apnea. im seeing a neurologist for the seizure activity and migraines.

2) i am on a profile, and have been for probably 3-4 months now and i was on a profile when i was going to physical therapy over a year ago for a couple months. my profile is no high impact activities, no excessive bending at the waist, no running over 100yards, no pushing pulling or lifting greater that 40lbs, walking at own pace and distance and i am on a waist only PT test. all of this makes it pretty difficult to do my job, or at least do my job well as i do work as a weapons troop on the flightline.

3)i will hit my 3 years of being in mark 02Sep this year.
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