Word Around the Campfire- Interesting developments!

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Just a heads up on a few tidbits of information that may be of interest to folks!

First, the Army is apparently consolidating the PEB sites to San Antonio (Joint Base San Antonio-Sam Houston). I have heard from two sources that the Army is moving all PEB operations to JBSA San Antonio. This includes the Army Physical Disability Agency.

Next, it is my understanding that the Coast Guard is working on a separate agreement with the Department of Veterans Affairs to implement an "IDES-like" system, where the Coastie will be rated by the VA for any conditions found unfitting by the Coast Guard. This is technically not the IDES, but the end result is supposed to be the same.
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It makes sense that there would be some backlogs and impact of the consolidation of Army PEB cases to Ft. /JB Sam Houston. This could result in overflows at that base while they realign and work through the transition. In any event, I just learned that 50 cases have been transferred FROM Ft. Sam to JBLM Lewis-McChord.
My battle buddy was just recently relocated to Crystal City to work at PEB, NCR. He is being told that they will be consolidating to JBSA as well.
Any idea when this is supposed to take place? I see your post is from 2018 but my PEBLO is reporting this happening now in 2019.
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