Wrong Thoracolumbar Spine Result


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"Muscle spasm is absent" -I've had many spasms and they are documented. Plan to include this record with my rebuttal.

"...normal curves of the spine." -The pain management doctor has said that my spine was straight, which is not normal. Will check on that record.

Flexion; max of 90, labeled at 80 for pain.
Extension; max of 30, labeled at 25 for pain.
Right Lateral Flexion; max of 30, not labeled.
Left Lateral Flexion; max of 30, not labeled.
Right Rotation; max of 25, labeled at 25.
Left Rotation; max of 30, not labeled.


On the flexion test, he simply told me to 'bend over' or 'bend to your side' and that's it, no stop at pain. Wife was there to prove it.
On the rotation tests, there is pain in the beginning degrees of the movement, no stop at pain, wife was there to prove it.

I am going to request a new ROM exam.
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