Yet Another TDRL Re-Eval Question


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I was placed on TDRL last October (50% DoD/80% VA) and told i would be re-evaluated in June. I just got a letter from the VA C&P detailing how to schedule a re-evaluation. Unfortunately, i have not kept up with my appointments, and refused medication due to personal issues, and i expect to lose my retirement benefits. I was told prior to being separated that the DoD side is what can change, but the VA can not be lowered.

While i expect the DoD to lower, should i also expect to lose the VA benefits as well?


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No it's not the VA is ALSO rescheduling your MH condition to see if it has improved so you might up a creek without a paddle if you have not been getting treatment or taking meds. They did this to me the DOD sends the VBA the timeline for the re-eval when you exited service but then they refuse to accept the C&P results and conduct their own examination this doesn't happen every time but it does happen a lot. So yes it may be for both or might not but its definitely for your unstable condition with the VA and it can be lowered quite easily if you have not been rated for at least 5 years.
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