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6Sept19- Contacted PEBLO to inquire about my status with IPEB----I was found unfit and VA now has my package for ratings.
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I tried calling my Peblo and asking her but she really has no clue about the status said she will just let me know when she gets the ratings
Obviously, there is a way to find out the fit/unfit finding before the ratings come back...your PEBLO is just being lazy. Push your PEBLO to look into it...without being a jerk, of course.
I'm blessed that my PEBLO is willing to look for answers, if I ask. She's been through the MEB process, as well, so she totally understands the frustrating waiting/unknowns and tries to help out, when possible.
Sir, I'm about to sign for SECAF appeal to be put on PDRL. Would you be able to assist at this stage? How much would this cost?
If you are on a sensitive timeline, i would recommend calling his office directly at 1-800-576-5648
29Aug19- got email from MyPers saying they received my package. And now we wait!!
I received it from mypers.
just received a email saying the PEB received it from mypers weird.. how do we find out when it gets transferred to the VA
i'm honestly not sure if we find out...i think you'd just have to bug your PEBLO into contacting them to find out fit/unfit status...honestly, i think we should be notified in every step...not just after the 8 weeks once the VA finishes the's stupid and very stressful waiting that long to hear anything
26Aug19-still waiting on my updated profile to be signed by BOMC(the only guy that has the authority to sign them, was on leave our 2 weeks!!). So frustrating! Anyway, should have it signed by tomorrow COB...Fingers-crossed!! After that, off to IPEB we go! Then the real wait begins...
Time line remote assignment
19 May Return from treatment for PTSD/MDD/Anxiety
23 May Referred to AFW2
28 May DAWG (31)
28 Jun Awarded 2AFSC 9W300
14 Jul NARSUM signed
18 Jul CC received CC letter
26 Jul CC met w Provider
6 Aug PEBLO submitted records to AFPC
7 Aug 2AFSC changed to 9W200
15 Aug Notified AFPC decision full MEB
20 Aug Submitted AMTU req

19 yrs 2 months Active Duty
22Aug19- Received C&P exams from PEBLO to review. Happy with what they've put except a few things that I can fight after I get out. I don't need another delay!
SAFPC review received in february of this year. have now been going through the ides process. just got my va exams back and my new narrative summary. had to write a letter of concern about narrative summary and need to turn it in tomorrow.
EPR and being in MEB process...when to stop worrying about bullets?! My leadership is still having me complete an EPR due in Jan si Che we do t know when I’ll be out, but I will definitely be out within the next 8 months. Advice is requested!
Diagnosed by PCM- 26Feb19
Reviewed by DAWG- 9Apr19
Contact made with PEBLO and IRILO questionnaire returned-18Apr19
Commanders Impact statement signed and returned-9May19
Case submitted to AFPC- 10May19
AFPC directs full MEB- 11Jun19
Met with PEBLO to go over MEB specifics- 11Jun19
Met with MSC coordinator to claim conditions- 12Jun19
VA C&P exams- 24Jun19 until 18July19
PEBLO received VA exams- 6Aug19
VA finally exams done and sent to PCM/Specialists for review! Yay!! One step closer to completion!
I am preparing to file for CRCS from the Navy. I am rated at 30% disability. I have had this disability since 2000 which was rated at 10% until I was re-evaluated two years ago and upgraded to 30%. How can I state my case for CRCS to get approved? What do I need to document in my request?
I just saw your post. It is in the New Profile posts. A better location would be the CRSC forum (see link at my signature block).

A collection of CRSC information and links to the CRSC pages of all the services is at THIS LINK <----

Good luck,
I am currently on my 3rd year in the Marines, Was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis and anemia 3 months ago, I have been prescribed multiple meds none worked and now I am on remicade and immuran just began taking them. My doctor recently initiated my med board, anyone know what to expect from here ? And what my chances of being discharged are.
robs42 Any chance you have a go by for a navy hospital corpsman? Bilateral shoulder tears doing a command team building skills before your picnic last summer, left knee meniscal tear with osteoarthritis, and bilateral foot and ankle arthritis with binions. [email protected]

Thanks Norm
Dear Mr. Perry,

I sent you an email on June 27, 2019, in reference to securing you legal service for TSGLI appeal; I don't know if you received the email or not. I would like to secure your service for the aforementioned appeal, what is the process?
Sir, could you please look at my situation.

and my other posts. I think I need a lawyer....
Jason Perry
Jason Perry
I did a very brief look at your posts. I don't know enough about your case details to offer much. I would need to review all of your relevant case files. This is what an attorney would need to do. You may benefit from legal representation by a qualified attorney. If you are interested in my services, contact me at [email protected].
I hope that you get your due benefits no matter what.
Hello Sir,
I was med boarded and rated 80% permanent for mental health. My peb said if rated permanent I would not be re-evaluated. But I was contacted recently by VA for reevaluation.
Sir, I'm not very familiar with all the process. If I was rated permanent , does that mean I was on PDRL and not subject to re-evaluation?
Good NARSUM. however my commander wrote that I was an awesome airman and my conditions do not effect my job. Should I submit a rebuttal to that and highlight my duty limitations. My supervisor also said she would put in some input. I do not want to say too much because it could effect me negatively, but I also do not want the risk of getting a fit for duty finding.
Jason Perry
Jason Perry
Your questions are outside of the scope of the information we provide here. I could not advise you about your situation without knowing the contents of your case file and I would not be able to advise you here even if I knew that information. The questions you are asking are more along what an attorney would provide.

I hope you get a great result. Best of luck!
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