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Hi all.
My hudsband is army O4 acquisition officer.
He is expecting to be on MEB soon due to his medical condition heart SVT non deployable status.
My hudsband expects be finding as fit since his MOS usually non deployable.
Is there anyone had this experience found fit for duty with non deployable status. TIA!
Good morning, Mr. Perry. Any chance i could share my NMA with you to get your thoughts on it? ( will discuss in more details when in a more private setting). Thank you.
As a National Guardsmen is there more benefits getting PEB at 20 years of service vs 19 years of service? Will I be able to receive CRDP at 20 years?
I will message you. Can’t do lengthy explanations in the profile posts
Well, I my re-evaluation results for autoimmune thyroiditis(Hashimoto’s) came was initially 30%. It was changed to hypothyroidism for 100% due to mental disturbances!! Sheesh, I really am fucked up...since 100% is only designated for myxedema symptoms! Also, I already at 100% P&T combined!! Crazy!
Have a question for you. I am at the PEB stage and have199 but I have not signed and returned it yet. The PEB rated me at 50% but soon after that the VA raised my percent to 100% for my main cause of medical retirement. Being in the nation guard and have served 21 years should I do the VARR to get the 100%?
Did you end up doing the VARR? If the VA changed the rating after they provided the information to the PEB (which is really jacked up), you have a very strong case.

Hello, I just became a member of this forum and am not sure exactly how to post a question. I have a VA Waiver question but the post is limiting me to 420 characters. Can someone explain how to post my question? Thanks.
You need to make a post in a specific forum. If you do that, you are not limited to the 420 characters.
I just got advise to appeal my separation on a 20% given to me from my MEB army. I just dont know what will be ok to do because I got 100% P&T thru the VA and my severance pay VA never recouped cuz by the rules or regulation in my case I didnt have to pay that money back. Now with that being said, should I fight for my medical retirement? and if is yes, what will the pros and cons? DO you know anything about this?
It is what I do for a living and have for the past 30 years. However, Jason Perry- the owner of this forum- is a friend as well as a competitor. Thus, I do not trawl for clients on his site. However, you can feel free to contact me at
I'm reserve with 20.5 yrs of service with 4 deployments. Awaiting notice for FPEB. Findings from board only recognized 6y 5m for LOS recommend "Separation with Severance". DoD is 20%, should be higher. Injuries occurred in combat zone but not combat related. Really hard to swallow that I could lose my retirement after going through everything.
Can anyone provide some guidance on how to fight this at my FPEB?
I will PM you. Trying to respond on the profile posts is difficult because it limits the response length.
(awarded a CAB)diagnosed w. PTSD,depression, anxiety,panic disorder,social phobia,tremors, & idiopathic Hypersomnia. Had heat stroke & seizures (temporary profile) suicidal ideation on my record (admitted into the psych ward) want a MEB so I can leave with some compensation. new psych saying my CO might chapter me for being unfit since I’m not able to deploy.No P profile. Looking for guidance.
What should I expect when meeting the narsum doctor for the first time should I already have my list of claims or is it just a brief on the medical side?
This is a loaded question and would be more appropriate in one of the forums due to the limited response capability in these profile posts.
Sir, I know this question has been posed before but it seems like the SECNAV 1850.4E is now 1850.4F and has been chopped down, my questions pertains to being an active duty Navy O-3 who is 2xFOS. I'm currenly undergoing medical treatment for the injury i've been referred to MEDBOARD for. Millington is telling me i have to have Assistant SECNAV approval to stay in past my statutory separation date. Is this correct?
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or @Guardguy11 if you have any info that would be helpful as well. Thank you.
I will send you a PM
Jason Perry
Jason Perry
The Navy did a pivot and published a SECNAV Manual. I will post a copy/link shortly.
BOARD FINDINGS: In the matter of the PTSD, the panel recommends an initial TDRL rating of 50% for 6 months in retroactive compliance with VASRD §4.129 as DOD directed; and the panel majority recommends a 10% permanent rating IAW VASRD §4.130. The single voter for dissent recommends re-characterization to reflect permanent disability retirement and elected not to submit a minority opinion.***Can someone help***
What do you need help with, the interpretation? This is what I gathered from this. They granted your PTSD IAW with the TDRL requirements of 50% then downgrade it to 10%. They are recommending PDRL so I’m assuming you had a 20% rating prior to your submission. So it appears the 10% plus your previous 20= 30% which is enough for PDRL but it sounds like they lowballed you pardon my French.
Hello sir, I'm new to this website. I was wondering if you had any contact information to the BCNR to look up the pending status of a case? Like a email or phone number? Mine has been there for 1 year now (submitted in mid January 2019) and I'm still not seeing anything or hearing back yet.
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