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I got permanent disability retirement at 30% it was raised from 10% back in 06. I have 100% from the VA, since 2012. Is there going to be back pay from the Navy? For changing from severance to retirement an going to 30%?
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Hi. I'm reaching out in hopes you can help with a question I have. My son was told by the med staff at Dover they could only file for the one condition that was most unfitting which they identified as POTS or heart arrythmia. He received his ratings which came back as 10% DOD /100% VA. I'm a bit surprised that the DOD component did not hit 30% (long story and many less than honest/moral acts by the AF docs) but he seems very unwilling to wait out fighting it and I am honestly concerned about his safety. I have a feeling that not all of his paperwork was submitted and some inaccurate paperwork was submitted but he was told "don't worry about it". 1. Is there anything he can do after he gets out if he signs the form 2. someone from the VA told him that this was golden and he didn't need to worry about the DOD piece. HELP????
Unfortunately, the DOD only rates a person based on the conditions that make them unfit for service. Heart conditions are notorious for being hard to rate high on due to the Heart Rating schedule. You can go to to look up his specific heart condition. It will tell you exactly what qualifies for 10%, 30%, 50%, and so on. He should have a copy of his VA C&P exam. From that and that website, you should be able to figure out why he was rated at 10%. Godspeed. The VA will take care of him, but it looks like he will have to figure out this next phase of life without tricare.
Interested to hear your thoughts on this organization. I reached out to them in 2018 for assistance with filing a Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR). I kept in contact every month or so to check on my application status. In April 2020, I received an email that they are no longer considering my claim. They sent me a flash drive and a CD of my military and VA records. I called to ask why they were not considering my claim and due to "legal" issues can not give an explanation. I am very frustrated to say the least and now am trying to figure out what to do next.
My son is a marine recruit and was injured due to heatstroke. Currently in STC awaiting results of medical tests but he said dr. is scheduling PEB for next week. I've educated myself on the IDES process and that has not been initiated with my son; no MEB, nothing. Other than in reference to the second phase of the IDES, what PEB could the dr. be talking about? Is PEB also something that is done in order to be cleared for ELS? So confused.
hello brother, you seem very knowledgeable about this MEB process. Currently i just found out that i have been put in Medical board about two weeks ago. The problem is that my doctor put me in for med board under a different diagnosis and now i am worried and anxious about my situation because i might no longer have the chance for retirement. Now the problem is that i have combat PTSD, and i was diagnosed with PTSD unspecified last year 2019. Now, when i moved here in this new command, and see this doctor, we undergo PTSD treatments and talked about my experience. All of a sudden, when she decided to put me in for Medical board, she decided to put me in for Medical board under as "severe reactions to stress" now, under that diagnosis what is the likeliness of me getting DOD retired at all or my chances?? Thank you.

Can you explain the financial statement you made in my thread? Thank you!

You have done a ton of good, and I apologize for any who have taken advantage of that. You have given so much free help via this site it is crazy. Keep being you, and hopefully those of us who feel the exhaustion, anxiety, and terrible dread feelings from the long waits and dismissals from the VA will use our extra energy and time to request changes via the appropriate routes, politicians. You do not deserve anyone's ire. If I ever need your services, I will retain you in the correct manner.
My apologies if my comment in any way insinuated that you are not helping people @Jason Perry. This forum is a huge resource and has helped thousands of people. I have seen other people post on their walls asking for assistance that appeared to go unanswered so I wanted to make sure I set their expectations that if they truly want your service, they need to contact you directly via your website. I am nothing but appreciative and hope that those that are trying to take advantage of your kindness see your response here. Might be worth doing a pinned post with an update from the PEBFORUM Owner just so everyone is aware of how to properly contact you for your services.
Hello @Jason Perry

I just read the material that precedes my remarks. I am disappointed to learn (but not surprised) that some ungrateful veterans have criticized your contributions in helping other veterans. Thousands of veterans have benefited from your altruistic endeavors. The number of posts shown on the various pages do not begin to define how many have been helped There are likely at least 50 views that do not result in a question for every post made . I visited here for several years before I became a member.

I mentioned that I was not surprised by the unwarranted criticism. I was once told, "You're a liar" on another board. Another veteran said, "I would shoot you" or words to that effect. I can only shake my head at those preposterous (in my opinion) notions and inclinations.

I am confident most visitors and members sincerely appreciate what you do for veterans. Thank you sir. It has been a joy to participate under your leadership.

Package send to PEB aug 11 and accpeted for action on mol aug 20. On week 5 waiting for PEB decision. How long should I be waiting?

I just wanted to update everyone on my MEB/PEB process. It is now complete.

Please see the attachment as I couldn't figure out around the 420 character thing, lol.

Being a reservist with 14 years, I will likely have to start the CRSC fight soon, once my retirement application is processed. Unless of course hell freezes over and the Major Richard Star Act gets passed.



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need help!!

I’ve been in the Navy 20 years and 3 months, back in March I was found unfit 30%DOD and 80%VA. I was ok with the DOD % because I am over 20 anyway but after talking to my MEDBOARD assigned lawyer we agreed to have review three of conditions because they got worst. He told me to not to accept my ratings and to request a formal board. I have my telephonic board tomorrow 6 August, for this I was assigned

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Congratulations to your selection as a "Super Moderator" on the PEB Forum! Take care! :)

Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer!"

Best Wishes!
Hi all.
My hudsband is army O4 acquisition officer.
He is expecting to be on MEB soon due to his medical condition heart SVT non deployable status.
My hudsband expects be finding as fit since his MOS usually non deployable.
Is there anyone had this experience found fit for duty with non deployable status. TIA!
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I haven't been found fit or unfit yet, but I was able to convince my CoC to delay the start of the IDES process a little more than a year.
Good morning, Mr. Perry. Any chance i could share my NMA with you to get your thoughts on it? ( will discuss in more details when in a more private setting). Thank you.
As a National Guardsmen is there more benefits getting PEB at 20 years of service vs 19 years of service? Will I be able to receive CRDP at 20 years?
I will message you. Can’t do lengthy explanations in the profile posts
Well, I my re-evaluation results for autoimmune thyroiditis(Hashimoto’s) came was initially 30%. It was changed to hypothyroidism for 100% due to mental disturbances!! Sheesh, I really am fucked up...since 100% is only designated for myxedema symptoms! Also, I already at 100% P&T combined!! Crazy!
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