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Hey man,

I am currently undergoing the MEB process with the Army and have very similar circumstances to yours. I was wondering if I could talk to you more about your ratings and general process of going through the MEB. Please email me or contact me on here. Whichever you prefer.

[email protected]

Thank you,
Wesley Viall
Mr. Perry,
As many are, my story is a little out of the ordinary and I would like to contact you for some advice. Is that possible?
Jason Perry
Jason Perry
If you are looking to get me to comment on your situation as a member of this forum, then you should just post the details. However, if you are interested in legal services, please contact me at [email protected] .
I saw your post about aid and attendance . We are in the same boat, my wife quit her Chiropractic practice to stay home and help me with some of my issues. The financial hit was fairly massive. I receive the homebound extra monthly compensation of 380, but noone mentioned the aid and attendance program (shocker). Where are you all in the process? Blessings to you.
Just wanting to get advice/ information about the MED process. I am starting mine the 22nd of August. I have ankylosing spondylitis and was told that due to my medication that I would most likely be found unfit for full duty. Just wondering the time line for the whole thing and what kind of rating I could potentially see?
I am a 100% P&T SC USMC veteran working on getting VA access and eventually compensation for my son who contracted Type 1 Diabetes somewhere between MEPS and Ft Knox for boot camp. He was forced out of the Army in 1999 prior to completing boot camp and was told that his diabetes was pre-existing.
If you have any references I would appreciate the help.
I appreciate the ping-pong back and forth as far as updates on our statuses are going.
Hopefully my case worker can get my Orders cut pretty quickly. I’ve read a few here had theirs cut next day. That’s fast!

Do you happen to know when I would be notified from DFAS as to my election choice, regular retirement or accept medical?
I wouldn't know. I would reach out to your PEBLO or attorney at OAC to get a better answer.
I saw you were medically retired when you had over 20 years of service and were rated at 100%. I am in the same boat with 21 years of service and the DFAS website calculator says they reduce my retirement pay and I don't get the concurrent VA payment. Is this true or a mistake? When I punched in 100% rate it reduced my retirement from 52.5% all the way down to like 20% which seems wrong. I appreciate any info!
So I just left a MEB consult with my PA. He said that if he were to refer me to the MEB now it would just be kicked back, due to the fact that I have not ran the full gammit of treatment the Army has to offer. I have 6 RFAs in 3 years with no more than 6 months in between. I Have at least 10 SI injections. Been on gabapentin, torodol, tramadol, had 1 epidoral, 90 days of physical therapy and now im starting accupunct
How long you been going through your process? You any closer?
Indeed, we totally comprehend; no worries! Please remain safe and I shall look forward to your forthcoming post message informing us of your successful child birth! Take care!
I am sorry for my very long absence! I am pregnant with a very high risk pregnancy and have been largely absent. I hope to be back in full force soon!
Congrats and prayers out to you...
Congrats! Hope mama is getting some sleep.
Hope you had a great 4th of July celebration! Take care!
Thank you Warrior644! It was a great long weekend with the family. Hope the 4th celebration was well for you my friend!
Indeed, we had a great day! Wow! It was a first "4th of July celebration" outing with my family since medical retirement; that's 4+ years ago! You are welcome and thank you also! Take care, my friend!
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