Important information about PLD


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Apr 18, 2011
So I got my results of 80% from the VA. I had close to 18 years, but the Navy rating was only 30%. I figured with the possible changes of CRDP in the future it would be in my best interest to get this bumped up before I accepted my findings as required to request PLD. So I requested they evaluate the findings, and submitted new evidence to support this. In late Jan, I got a reply stating they would not change the results, and my case had been finalized. So at this point I put in my request for PLD, having over 18 years at this point. I was told about two weeks later, that because I didn't put my request in when my original results came back, that I was S.O.L. This is contrary to what I was told by the Med board supervisor, and acting PEBLO. I should have known better and asked YNC Trice in Millington. Long story short I am being medically retired at 18y 5m. I would be a bit more upset, but I did get a kick ass job, which I start in two weeks. Moral of the story is know who the subject expert is, and utilize him/her, so you don't get screwed. And anyone who is being seen by NAS Jax Med Boards, verify everything. I have caught them so many times putting out bad info. I just didn't catch them all the time.