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    100% VA and 100% military????

    Do you have combat related conditions making you eligible for CRSC. Mike
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    Heed my story folks...

    Jason, was there not a policy banning the use of social media information? Mike
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    How does DOD rate arthritis?

    No, but perhaps when you become eligible for reserve retirement at age 60. You can collect CRSC if you have VA compensated conditions that are combat related. Mike
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    How does DOD rate arthritis?

    You should go to the website for the Board of Veterans Appeals. There you can search past cases of lupus and sjogrens and get a bead on how the VA rates those conditions. Mike
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    How does DOD rate arthritis?

    Is it an inflammatory arthritic condition? What do your labs say? SED rate? ESR? Rheumatoid factor? HLA-B27? What does your X-rays and other imagery reports state? Mike
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    Some thoughts on the Forum and my input

    Make the title of your post specific to your issue. I pick and choose which post to read based on the title. Ambiguous titles such as "need help" "what do you think" and "my situation" give me no insight as to your specific issue and have a greater chance of being passed over as I pick which...
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    How does DOD rate arthritis?

    If it is an autoimmune based arthritis, it should most likely be rated under VASRD DC 5009 which refers to the rating criteria in DC 5002. If it is autoimmune, you need to make sure that is clearly documented in your MEB. Have you been seen by a rheumatologist? Mike
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    Need advice about FPEB

    Be aware of 10 USC 1222a. It requires PEB to address your concerns and questions in an orderly and itemized fashion. In your appeal, list your questions and concerns and specifically cite 10 USC 1222a requesting these questions and concerns be addressed. Your first question should be why they...
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    How does DOD rate arthritis?

    What kind of arthritis? DoD should apply the VA ratings for conditions the PEB deems unfitting. Mike
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    PEB board gave EPTS but Med records say otherwise

    The BCMR application deadline is three years from the date the error or injustice was identified to you. The BCMR usually makes this timeline indefinite in the interest of justice. Have you ever filed with the VA for this condition? If so, what was the result? Mike
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    The story of what was and still is.

    Thanks. Answers to those questions whould give insight on how you might fare via a PDBR review. Mike
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    The story of what was and still is.

    What was the unfitting condition? Was this condition subsequently rated by the VA? If so, what did the VA rate unfitting condition? What is the effective date of this rating as compared to your separation date? Mike
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    Just Requested FPEB

    If the PEB rated the condition differently than the VA, there is a problem. I would definitely take the issue to the FPEB and beyond. Mike
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    Go to the Board for Veterans Appeals website. There you can search and review cases similar to yours to get a bead on how the VA should rate the condition. Mike
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    Found FIT for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy.

    The Navy should not be denying reenlist based on a condition found to be fit but if you do not desire to stay in that issue might be moot. Your next likely step could be with the Board for the Correction of Naval Records. Mike