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    Air Force IDES

    What you doing now by doing that is building your case. So when you go to the fpeb you can say hey I've been arguing that this should have been added the whole time. Throw in some buddy statements they have seen times where you've missed work or been reduced capacity due to migraines and that...
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    Air Force IDES

    So number's 2 & 3 will be rated together as one lump rating since mental health is one percentage. If migraines are not listed the only way to get that added is at the end through requesting a Formal PEB (FPEB). From there you can argue your case that migraines should have been added as...
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    Recall From Terminal After NLT Date

    This is definitely something that you will need to talk to JAG and I would proactively reach out to a civilian attorney to get guidance. I didn't even know it was possible to go past your NLT date. I don't dare give you any other advice than that since its such a serious issue. An attorney is...
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    Too long & Unorganized

    Anything is possible but typically the proposed rating will be final once you get out and give the VA your DD214. I would not expect the rating to change:)
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    Unsure if my EAS terminates my IRR/EOS time

    If medically discharged or retired your obligations are waived so you are all good.
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    Surgery while on PEB

    He's talking about the condition referred that possibly could be unfitting. So for example if I was referred for mental health but had a problem with my wrist and wanted surgery. Unless it was medically necessary to be done right away all surgeries are prohibited during the IDES process.
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    MEB and confused

    unfit for duty doesn't mean a whole lot when it comes to what your unit can tell you to do. They only things your unit can't force you to do are things that break your profile.
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    Surgery while on PEB

    Typically they do not allow a surgery when going through IDES. So unless it's an emergency they want you to not do it until you get through IDES.
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    MEB and confused

    Your profile dictates what you can and can't do. If your profile has no restrictions regarding PT they will require you to do a PT test with everyone else. Until you are medically separated or retired you are still subject to the rules unless you have a valid profile restricting you from...
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    TDRL with a static condition

    Reach out to the PEB office and let the know your condition is stable and nothing has changed. Ask if you can be reviewed to be moved to PDRL. Sometimes they will request an exam. Other times they will review your VA records if you have been regularly seen by the VA.
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    NG Soldier, Questions about Chapter 61 Retirement, Chapter 1405 Time, & CRDP

    Okay. So lets focus on the Total Pts for Ret Pay which is 7017. If you get to 7200 you should be able to retire active duty IF medically retired or offered severance. If offered severance you will ALWAYS decline because if you accept severance you don't get a retirement. Since you have a 20...
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    CRSC Burn Pits

    If anyone comes across a memo about the air quality in balad Iraq I would appreciate it if you posted it for the rest of us.
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    National Guard 8 year rule

    The 8 year rule is to automatically cover it regardless of LOD. Less than 8 years and there needs to be an LOD. Just because an LOD wasn't done right away doesn't mean that they shouldn't have gotten one. Having a traumatic experience is definitely understandable not to request an LOD because...
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    NG Soldier, Questions about Chapter 61 Retirement, Chapter 1405 Time, & CRDP

    Yeah I didn't want to get into the weeds until I knew what his point total was...
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    Promotion for combat disability medical retirement

    Basically you need to be selected to be promoted to get that rank when you retire. My wife was picked up for Major. So she was promoted but there are sequence numbers so its possible to be officially approved for promotion but not get promoted before medically retired. That is when you get...