Sgt zo

9/12/012 multiple surgeries, both shoulders;

6/27 2016 Peblo received my case for processing and sent it to National Guard unit for additional supporting documents

7/28 IDES questionnaire filled out

8/14 IMACT letter obtained from CC , got tired of waiting so I wrote my own and asked CC to sign

8/16 case submitted to NGB for their fit or unfit decision

10/19 MEB intake briefing/met with VA REP to develop initial claim

11/28-11/29 C&P exams, 23 conditions claimed

12/9 QTC exam results are back

12/27 Narsum signed awaiting addendum

1/9 Case sent to AFPC (air force personal center)
2/8 ratings received
2/13 results accepted 1180 signed, awaiting orders request 29 may retirement date. 63 days leave plus 20 PTDY.

2/6 Received letter from VA, they need dependent information and bank routing number. Info faxed to VA
Mar 3, 1964 (Age: 56)




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