brain injury

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    Sudden Cardiac Arrest, AICD, Anoxic Brain Injury... Is there hope for me to Return to Duty?

    Greetings all, I've been trolling for a while and decided it's time for me to come up on the net. Three months ago, similar to Miking, I survived an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest while running. Thanks to the quick and heroic actions of a fellow runner and an excellent on-site medical...
  2. Jason Perry

    DoDI 6490.13 Policy on Traumatic Brain Injury-Related Neurocognitive Assessments 1.0

    This DoD Instruction sets policy for TBI Neurocognitive Assessments. Essentially, it lays out a requirement to conduct pre and post deployment Neurocognitive assessments using specified tools. Note that the Army is the lead agency for implementation. Also, note that it does apply to Coast...
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