1. NavyVeteran

    Was found FIT today. What to do?

    I was placed on TDRL for previously for a Hyperactive bladder with an implant (like a pacemaker). Today came the findings saying I am fit because my condition is stable and my pacemaker is controlling my bladder. I was only found unfit for that at 60%. Now they are going all the way to FIT? That...
  2. catherinemedboard

    How long will it take? Or how long did it take for you?

    My package was sent in yesterday to Washington for my medboard... just wanting to know how long itll take to get my findings back? Or how long did it take for you all? Thank you!
  3. Y


    Could someone answer my questions and recommend my best coars of action? Situation: Marine Rating just downgraded: Prior to the board: TDRL 70%//VA 70% BIPOLAR DISORDER MIXED MODERATE TO SEVERE After 18 months I was told that there was no need for a physical evaluation because "they found a...
  4. P

    My timeline. Full Pack. sent April 28th

    I found this board when I started MEB/PEB and it's been really helpful. Much more than other sites. I will try to share what I've learned from the board and this forum to help others stuck in the mess. I'm sorry for the commentary, I really want people to know how to navigate through this hell...
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