fort gordon

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    Fort Gordon SEP2019 timeline

    Hey all... I just started this month so here is my timeline FEB2017- initial injury to L-3 JUN2018- First trip to Doc after I PCS'ed, put on two week profile AUG2018-MAY2019- On and off 2 week profiles with other knee injuries and one car crash JUN2019- Referred to Inter-Disciplinary Pain...
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    Help Chapter 18 threats

    I am currently stationed at FT Gordon. I sustained an injury to my back 2 years ago and I have been on and off profile for that whole time. 9 months ago I was put on the ABCP program. I maintained losing weight until may when I was in a car crash that made my back significantly worse. I then...
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    Fort Gordon timeline

    I have been reading this site ever since I was first informed that I would be undergoing an MEB. I finally decided to upload my own timeline because I don't see many case timelines from people at Fort Gordon. Here's my timeline so far. Started off really slow, everyone in my chain of command was...
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