medical evaluation board

  1. T

    Recommended for MEB after approved for ETS. Do I need to submit a memorandum to HRC to withdraw my original approved ETS request?

    Hello all. Here is my situation: - Prior to spring 2020, I was approved for an ETS date of 01 September 2020. - During spring of 2020, I was recommended for MEB. - My commander has approved my medical extension - I have completed a sworn affidavit memorandum to voluntarily remain on active...
  2. S

    MEB intiated for Ulcerative Colitis, What are my chances of staying in?

    I've been in the Air Force for almost 6 years. I've had the UC for 4 years but I have never had a MEB until now. My doctor says there's a very low chance I'll get the boot since my UC is really mild and I don't have to take strong meds. However, I really want to hear from people who have...
  3. S

    Med board request.

    If I already submitted paperwork to voluntarily separate can I still request a med board after being on limdu twice in 6 yrs?
  4. T

    My chances of AirForce Surgeon General approval

    To sum it all up. I had gotten an S/P ORIF on my left leg 4 years ago. My recruiter took all of my medical records of the surgery and sent it to the Surgeon General. A couple of weeks go by and my recruiter calls me and says that it kicked back, and that they were requesting additional info. The...
  5. msHampton

    What does my high EPR rating have to do with me qualifying for a MEB

    I received a response from the AFBCMR for a claim I filed to be recalled to Active Duty for proper separation via MEB. Long story short, I separated directly into AF Reserve in which they coded me as unfit for duty within 6 months due to migraines. SO I received a package back from AFBCMR...
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