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  • -5 Feb Contacted by PEBLO
    -22 Feb Contacted by PA (complete narrative)
    -4 March Narrative sent to AFPC
    -24 March notified of FULL MEB
    -29 March MSC contacted me to initiate VA claims and provided me with forms to complete.
    -29 March all VA documents complete and sent-MSC informs me I will be contacted on 30-45 for VA appts
    12 April first VA appt
    19 May last VA appt
    9 June Enter the IPEB phase
    15 June VA claim closed
    28 June Peblo informs me of my Ratings
    29 June received orders (informed i can start to out process)
    22 July Final out
    23-July-12 Aug Permissive
    13 Aug-17 Sep Terminal
    Sorry I took so long to post but I wanted to post my entire timeline :)
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    That is an impressive timeline. Congrats on making it through in a relatively short time.
    IPEB phase... contacted the VA to see if i could get a proposed rating no luck :( he said he could see but not allowed to tell me which i understand. However he said he is could see my DD214 does that mean the IPEB found me unfit?
    also i’m do for a bonus on sept 1st not sure if i have to give that back? saving it just in case. basically a 4 year contract 20k a year i get it every sept 1st...
    medical discharge ussually nullifies service requirement for bonuses, so you "should" not have to pay this back
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